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We take pride in providing consumer a global solutions for corporate business, hospitality and global markets.

Malaysia Representatives For Shaanxi Halal Food Chamber of Commerce.”

AEI Global
A Halal Certified Company by Jakim


Trusted Global
Logistic Provider

Land Freight

We offer short or long haul land freight services to our customers. With our reliable, efficient truckload and less-than-load (LTL) services, your shipments will reach your door-steps easily.

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Sea Freight

Our sea freight services include FCL, LCL, non-containerized load, making us the top for your ocean freight shipments.

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Air Freight

We offer all facets of air cargo logistics operations. Through our extensive experience, we have forged a strong working connection with the reputable logistic provider.

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Our Warehousing & Inventory Management solutions improve efficiency & accelerate response to changing customer demand, tailoring to every business.

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Top Quality Food Manufacturing

Mix & Match With Baker’s Premix

We pride ourselves on making natural premixes from premium ingredients to give customers a healthy eating lifestyle.



MY Bakery – Home Patisseries

Serving you the best tried-and-trusted patisseries that would get your taste buds going before you even get a mouthful.

3D Cakes



Fresh Supplies

Leading Market
Distribution Of Poultry

Supporting fresh supplied starting from local demand to a few of the top key players of the main supply chain in the world.


Largest Fresh Chicken Supplier in Malaysia that supplies various chicken body parts and whole pieces.


Global Poultry Eggs Market by top manufacturers. Quality Eggs ranging from Grade A, Grade B to Grade C.